Hurts like mo-fo.

Some of you might have been wondering where the hell I've been in the past couple of days.

Well, I'm alive. Hah, barely.

I feel like death.

See, I was at a normal visit to the dentist. Get my teeth checked/cleaned/whatnot. Then the dentist looks at the xray for a smidge too long. And you know it's not gonna be good.

Dentist: [stares at xray] ...
Mummy dearest: [the ever panicking one] What's wrong?
Dentist: Oh nothing much. Just that...*blah blah blah I wasn't listening, I was trying to stop myself from drooling all over myself.* We'll have to operate.
Sounds of muffled "!?" came from me. And, ever the lady, I choked on my own spit. Nice.

In the end, it was just my wisdom teeth. They were growing at a weird angle so I had two removed from the bottom row of my teeth. But apparently my teeth were really deep so they had to really dig it out. Resulting in my face looking like a chipmunks' for a couple of days.

Like young Alvin here:

Hai thar, stop lukkin' at mai nutz. Perv.

It hurt like ass too, even with the painkillers. Today's the first day I got out of the bed, 'sides from when I flew back.

Enough ranting though. I have retarded photos of myself to share. The ones I said I'd post couple of days ago. Mah bad.

Remember: it's intentional stupidity. For the hair and poses anyway. I can't do anything about the face. You'll just have to take it up with my parents.

Ai so azn.


As you can tell, I've been pretty bored.

I don't feel like blogging right now. My internet is being a hoebag, which is just as well 'cause I have nothing else to say. Har har. I shall crawl back to bed and put ice packs on my gigantous cheeks now.

* k a y


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