Cuppy Cake

This is my new favourite song.

"You're my cuppy cake, gum drop, schnickle spicklem storp, the apple of my eye."

HAHA. Love it.

So, I finally finished reading the first Twilight book. And...

Well, I don't get what all the hype is about. I thought it was, actually, not a terribly good book.

And that's me being polite.

I had to practically force myself to finish reading it, trying to convince myself that it'll probably get better as I go along. But it's so. Meh.

And the film isn't much better. Rob Patterson (Pattison, Pettyson?) and his emo-stalker-omg-I-am-so-sad acting. He has one expression on his face throughout the entire movie.

Star Trek was so much better. (Here we go again.) Okay, okay. I'll stop. Geez.

(No, I won't.)

Actually, I don't actually think that Chris Pine is that hot, I just want his eyes. Gah, I've always wanted blue/green eyes. And not those which make you look like you're blind, the nice ones.

Aka, Chris Pine blue. HAHAHAHA what the. "Chris Pine blue."

Actually, I never really understood the blond hair + blue eyes thing. I reckon blue eyes look much better with dark hair.

Or maybe that's just me.

I got really bored yesterday, and started playing around with my hair. Maybe I'll post pictures of my boredom induced insanity later.

But not now. 'Cause I'm a lazy ass.

*k a y


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