So this is me showing you how to use Photoshop. AZN-stylez.

This is a un-retouched picture of my face. (yes, that face again.)

Yes, I realise I look different. And very young. It's probably why I like the photo. I like looking like a 15 year old. :D

This is probably what a normal person would edit it. Up the contrast a bit, clean up the skin here and there, etc etc.

Looks better, not that much difference really. Not like I've morphed into some mutant-like cow.

Now, this is what an azn would do to it:

Oh, dear lord.

Where do I start?

So because no amount of eye straining will create an eye BIG enough for azns to accept. We shall thoroughly abuse the liquify tool to achieve this, freakish glazed-over look. We're looking for a size similar to those of ET, and Yoda. (*coughFathimahcough*) Never mind that ET and Yoda are not even human and thus eyes that big don't belong on human faces.

And while you're at it, of course you have to change the colour of your bloody irises to something unremotely human. I have changed it to a impossibly shiney blue here, but bonus points for eye colours which don't even exist. Like orange, purple or even PINK. The world's your oyster, and who says oysters can't be pink?

Don't forget the 10 foot long eyelashes. It doesn't matter if it makes you look like Aloysius Snuffleupagus. (Go wiki it, guys.) It all adds to the effect.

Cat ears and whiskers turns this photo from plain old 'blah' to KAWAIIIIIII$^*@*($@!!!!!. And make sure to up the contrast so much that your nose disappears. Just do it, okay?

And finally, peace signs. 'Cause no azn picture is complete without it.

Can you say hot or what? Phewitt. You can't handle this wildcat.

*k a y

PS: You imbeciles who can't tell I'm joking...Well. I have nothing to say to you.



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