Happy Birthday Sarena!

Happy Birthday, albeit a bit belated one. Sorry. Phone's dead. (Or so I say :o) HAHA. But yes, I'm sorry): And my internet was being retarded so I couldn't get this up until now. But I bet you had fun anyway, with all your friends in UK celebrating with you. ): Too bad I couldn't be there, I would have been the life of the party HAHA. So did you get a birthday kiss from some cute boy? HAHAHA. If yes, congrats ;) If no, well...there's always other holidays. Like Christmas, that's just around the corner. :DD MISTLETOE HIJACK YO! ;P

Well well, known you for...gosh...since Year 6! That's a looong time. Back in the ol' days when people used to confuse me for you and visa versa. Just cause we're Chinese and tall and glasses. Pshh. Whites. (I JOKE. You know ilu gaiz rly ;)

So you're 19 now, huh? You old grandma, you :p Gonna do all those grown-up type things soon.

Anyway, HOPE YOU'RE HAVING FUN WITHOUT ME (even though, I know, it's really hard because you miss me so much)

K a y

PS: I'm joking about the mistletoe thing.

PPS: But if you really want to do it...go for it. HAHA ;)


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