So I watched this show on Channel V, and it was about China's youth movement. Basically, it's about the culture of the 'youngsters' (wow, I feel so old when I use that word. HAHA.) in China.

Most of it was very funny, mostly consisting of Chinese 'hip-harp.' (Hip-hop to you and me both) There was a man who was saying how most people don't truly understand the meaning of 'hip-harp' and just wear the clothes to be fashionable and etc. But people like him, really appreciate hip-hip and feel the music shaking in his BONES. And he also went on about something to do with hip-hop becoming more and more 'parp' (Pop) and how it's ruining the whole hip-hop culture. Whatever, I wasn't really paying attention.

So anyway, there was one bit that kinda annoyed me. One boy/man said that he was “yellow on the outside, but black on the inside.” And he was the same one who kept saying 'nigga' and 'yoyoyo' among other 'gangsta' terms.

I mean, wth? HAHAHA.

Is it so bad to be CHINESE? Is there a rule which states that you couldn't 'be Chinese and practise' hip-hop? Does claiming to be African-American on the inside make you feel superior?

And dude, what's with the 'being black on the inside?' You're clearly Chinese. Not. Fooling. Anyone. A blind man can tell you're Chinese.

You're not convincing anyone with your hip-HARP. Saying 'nigga' continuously doesn't make you black.

I'm not dissing anyone. Well, I am. I'm dissing that 'yellow on the outside, black on the inside' guy. But not anyone else, promise (:0

I just don't get why he can't be a Chinese (yellow on the outside, yellow on the inside) hip-hop artist.

You don't see John Mayer claiming to be black on the inside, and blues originated from the African-American slaves.

Okay. End of rant. I'll post my pictures from KK up another time.

Buh Byes,
♥ K a y


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