Fiction - Untitled.

I...don't know what this is. Haha. A random piece of prose for you to sample, I suppose.


The sounds of harsh panting filtered through the air, husky and rasp. Two lone figures stood, draped by the silvery ribbons of moonlight, twisted and melding into the sandpaper rough wall, scratching fragile tissue-like skin. Gasps rebounded across cold, hard surfaces as steel pins dug deep, bringing forth molten scarlet warmth, like the first forkful into an oozing chocolate cake. Her hair hung around her like a golden cloud, platinum strands dyed crimson, tainted by sin.

White canines flashed, highlighted by the effervescent glow of the moon. Drops splashed across hungry lips, a sticky tattoo when left to dry. Limp hands were woven into inky curls. Paler now. Her azure gaze fluttered shut, lashes that were painted black with mascara weighed down heavily against her fragile lids, crow's feet framed the outer corners of her eyes. Salty tears leaked under closed lids, travelling over powdered cheeks.

Eyes forced open with tremendous effort, and a shaky smile spread across ruby lips. Both remained, standing still, for a split second, before she fell into a crumpled heap on the dusty pavement.

He reached for his corner pocket, lifted his pristine white handkerchief from its place and lightly dabbed his mouth clean, as one would do after a meal. Gloved fingers combed through his dishevelled hair, before tossing the now dirty cloth onto the unmoving figure beneath him.

He turned.

Then left.


Anyway, hoped you enjoyed it. Whatever. Figured I should blog and this just happened.

Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it:)

K a y


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