So I'm sick. Again. And the majority of my time spent in the past week or so have been looking at old pics that I've taken on the trip.

I miss my nephew :(

I just wanna bite his cheeks. :(

I miss him so much:( I don't, however, miss taking care of him. That. I don't like at all. Dirty diapers smell like shit, literally. And it sucks especially in the middle of dinner. omg, I swear this baby has the worst timing. Either that or he's doing it on purpose cause he's an evil baby.

I was on the phone with my cousin just now, and he is seriously the most er-wu (2-5, literally. But more like, two-faced.) kid around. And he asks me "Jiejie(Big Sister), do you have money?"

And I said no.

Then he asks, "Does daddy(my dad, his godfather) have money?"

And I said yes.

THEN he says to me, "I don't want to talk to you anymore. Give the phone to daddy."



Of course I didn't want to pass the phone to my dad yet, so I kept talking to him. But he refused to answer me. So finally, I handed the phone to my dad.

Guess what he said to my dad?

(In an uber manja voice.) "Daddy, I heard you have money~ Can you buy me a bus? A red one."

...Wow. Materialistic brat D: And to think that he's only 2 and a half. :|

Evil. Sometimes. Kinda.

I really think the lead singer of Tokio Hotel sounds like a girl. If you haven't heard of Tokio Hotel, they're this band from...Germany? Somewhere there. Below is a song of theirs called Monsoon.

He LOOKS like a girl too. And I got really confused, so I wikied him. And it turns out...his name is Bill.

Bill Kaulitz.

But Bill nonetheless.

Sorry. But am I the only one who finds this incredibly amusing? I mean...his looks don't really...go with the name.

Tokio Hotel Lead
Hai. My name is Bill.

Okay I shall now abruptly end this blog entry.

Buh Byes,
♥ K a y


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