What I miss and need.

I miss: complaining about the songs on your iPod, our random conversations about 'everything, and nothing at all,' planning and never doing, wearing your clothes, pretending to be a rock star with Whitney Houston playing in the background, my futile attempts to beat you at arm wrestling, your piggyback rides down the stairs.

I need: a hug, those cinnamon rolls, your blanket tucked under my feet, House playing on my laptop, bars of chocolate hidden in that drawer, a good cry on your shoulder, you to tell me that it's 'gonna be okay.'

Get your ass back here right now.


*k a y

PS: It's all fiction guys, all fiction. Brainstorming. (It's gonna be the next Harry Potter/Twilight I tell ya.) Don't worry, I haven't suddenly gone insane and invented an imaginary boyfriend for myself.



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