Random fic.

30 minutes of work. Probably.

The silvery glow of moonlight soaked into his skin, penetrating every inch of skin exposed to the skies above. Petals of blood red parted and bloomed into a wistful smile, laced with pain and grit. Bellied by his grief, knifed deep into his gut and twisted. Each breath a molten trail down his throat; each breath of pain, of agony, of betrayal, of irrational anger.


Both works in progress, there's a bigger version of the picture in Facebook.

People are finally coming back. Missed you guys :D

See ya 'round,
*k a y

PS: Parking is annoying -_- And driving an automatic is a walk in the park compared to a manual D: On my 5th hour now, and I have yet to tackle the friggin' incline.



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