Korea Happenings.

~'Okay, it's alright with me; some things are just meant to be. It doesn't come easily; and when it does, I'm already gone.' - Eric Hutchinson

Lovely song. :D Been listening to a lot of him lately.

And I dug up a pic from last year's holiday :D

Korea '08, awesome pic. I know.

I swear, EVERYONE was staring me like I was some psycho escaped mental hospital patient when I was taking this photo. Actually, my mum took it. But it took, like, 10 tries. HAHAHA So I had to jump, and jump, and jump...

But whatever, not like I'll ever see them again.

Korea was awesome. (y) The street food (y)(y) But I couldn't get proper kimchi pancake there, most restaurants only served the plain one. Which was a bit 'wth' for me.

And the weirdest part...when I was walking down the street (I was alone, I went to get Coffee Bean. 'Cause I went to Korean to have Coffee Bean, duh.) some random Korean dude and his friend just came up to me and started talking to me in rapid Korean.

Dumbfounded, I just kinda...stared at him. And looked around, left and right, to check if he was talking to someone else.

But there wasn't anyone else around...so here I was. Not knowing a smidge of Korean. Except 'hello' and a few swear words, oh, and also 'I like to have noodles for breakfast.' (HAHAH imagine that, the guy randomly talking to me. And I say..."I like to have noodles for breakfast." HAHAHAHA that would be awesome.)

So I said, "Err, sorry I don't speak Korean." But, in reality, it sounded more like "Ehh, soh-ri. Ai-uh dontu speekah KOH-RE-AH-N." HAHAHAHA.

Because, obviously, they would understand so much better if it was spoken with a heavy (fake) Korean accent.

So after I say this, he looks at me with wide eyes. Blushes (!?!) and says "OOO, Soh-ri soh-ri!" whilst bowing (HAHA he effin' bowed to me), turns around and leaves.

And to this day, I am still bloody curious as to what he said.

*k a y

PS: I'll see you in a month or so (: ♥


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