Wedding, And stuff.

So, I'd like to get something off my chest.

I would like to have the babies of this man:

If only so my children have his eyes. Gah, his eyes D:

One of the many reasons why I loved the new Star Trek movie. Which was EPIC. I do not care what anyone says, or how lame I am to have liked that movie.

Hell, I admit. Not only did like it, I loved it.

So yeah, call me a trekkie/trekker if you'd like. At least it isn't Twilight.

Besides, Chris Pine is way hotter than Rob whateverhisnameis.

One, the eyes. Dude, you have got to love the eyes.

Two, he doesn't look like an anemic stalker fanboy who's on his way to some anime convention. It's the hair, I swear. (Ooo, rhymed.) And he always has that pedophillic gleam in his eyes. What's with that!?

Three, Chris is the captain of the effin' Enterprise. Men in uniform (Y)(Y) Whereas, Rob is some sparkly vampire. Anemic vampire. Ironic much? Must be his 'vegetarianism.'

Four, *points up. Looks good in a suit. (Y)(Y)(Y)!!!

Five, have I mentioned the eyes?

Okay. I'll stop now. The list will never end. Thus endeth Chris Pine spammage.

So I'm pretty sure I've told the majority of people who actually bother to read this blog that two of my brothers just got married in Kota Kinabalu in the beginning of March. And I've promised wedding photos...well I don't have them.

But I did steal some off facebook. They were taken by a friend of my brothers' and he happens to be a professional photographer. But first, brief background. James (second oldest brother) married Crissie, and Alan (youngest of my brothers) married Athena.

Image Hosted by
Crissie and James.

Image Hosted by
From left to right; Crissie, James, Alan and Athena. Cute pic, no?

Image Hosted by
Me and my three sister-in-laws. The one in yellow is the wife of my oldest brother. Notice the bump, she's pregnant! Due June/July?

Image Hosted by
A candid one of us. I apologise for my retarded face.

Image Hosted by
Alan and Athena walking to the place where the ceremony was held.

Funny story: They actually had to do the walk twice. Cause the first time, the grooms walked with the bride, as you can see in the picture. Which is kinda hmmm, 'cause they're supposed to wait by the priest...right? But also, because the dearest daddy of mine (the same one who laughed and spat tea at my oldest brother's face at his wedding. And then pushed the blame to me who was 'making him laugh with her face.' I wasn't even doing anything with my face! Your genes made this face the way it is!) was missing. MIA. AWOL. Just left. And so, we had to run around looking for him and it turned out he was in the toilet. 'Cause he thought it was over.

I love my family. I really, really do.

And not only did that happen. The priest actually made a mistake when saying the vows. He said the wrong names. There was this awkward silence for a moment, 'cause he realised his error. Then of course, I had to burst out laughing. (nice one.) Luckily the rest of the people joined in and the priest started over again.

Okay, long entry. I think that's enough. See y'all next post.

*k a y

(Don't you just LOVE how I just go on like nothing has happened after 5 months of not blogging?)


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