So, first and foremost.


Now that formalities are over and done with, let's get down to blogging about ME :D

(lolwhut, so self-obsessed.)


(I'm joking btw. About the blogging about me part, even though this blog really is about me.)


(Don't judge me T_T)

So anyway.

I had the weirdest dream yesterday. In my dream, I had just woken up. And I was washing my face...then when I decided to brush my teeth I realised there were tiny objects floating about in my mouth. And when I opened my mouth to see...I realized that the objects were my TEETH. The bottom front row of my teeth had all FALLEN OUT, except for one!? Then I poked at the one that was still standing, and then it wiggled a bit, so I kept poking it, and it fell out as well!

Now I began to panic so I rushed out of the house, still in my pyjamas, and went downstairs to the car.

This was how it went:

Me: “We're going out RIGHT NOW.”
Maid: “Why? Can you wait a while? I need to go Jerudong to buy some pish.”
Me: “No. We're going out NOW. Bring me to RIPAS!”
Maid: “HUH? RIPAS? But I need to buy pish!”

-end dream-


Yeah, my first dream in a long, long time (few months at least) and it's about this. Wowee.

Hmmm. What should I blog about first, holiday or baking? Well, I guess I'll do it in order.

So, LAST YEAR (wowee, it's a new year already.) back in December, Fathimah and Joanna came over to my house and made brownies. Amongst other things, like making Baby Phat and Lil Kay's debut music video. If you're nice to us, we might show it to you. :D

But you better prepare yourself, we might be too gangsta for you.

Peace out.

But Fathimah (aka Baby Phat) proves to all of mankind that gangstas are only tough and hard on the outside, but warm and cuddly on the inside. And we aspire to be domestic goddesses.

Look into my sparkly brown eyes...

And we set out hard at work making our brownies beautiful, some are more successful than others...

Jo is hard at work...

Posing with her plate. LOL.

My plate.

Fatso's plate. I wonder how it got so screwed up? HMM.

SOMEONE took this bag of frosting home, and squeezed it so hard that it exploded all over her. I WONDER WHO. (hint: same person using it in this picture.)

The end product. Well, Jo's end product. Perfectionist. Psh.

I wont post the rest of our end products, cause Jo's will make mine and Fatso's look bad. :(

But I will, however, post a picture of Joanna's stalker pic of some quote, unquote 'cute guy' from music FOBISSEA. Set as her phone's wallpaper.

The saddest thing is, I'm not even joking.

And last but not least, a picture of a bigass cookie I made the other day.

Pen for comparison.

And that's it for now kiddos.

Ciao bellas,
K a y


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