Well, I guess I finally jumped in on the bandwagon and made a blog. Boredom makes you do many things. Camhoar, for instance. Which I have been doing a lot lately, even though my original camhoar buddy has gone off to Melbourne. (Yes. You. 박려진.) It's pretty sad camhoaring alone though...YES I ADMIT. T_T;;

I was overseas yesterday, for those who don't know. It's so good to finally get out of Brunei for a while. I was about 5 seconds away from OD-ing on Brunei, like, seriously. -_-

My favourite 'outside the plane window' shot of the trip.

Of course I took a photo of myself as well. I am me after all.

So I was out that day with family in Singapore and there was a Lion Dance competition at Takashimaya. It was there that I got to hear a wonderful example of Singaporean wit. (no offence to any Singaporeans out there:) And the group who wins will be crowned “LION KING.”

Har har har.

So funny. >_>

And they seemed really proud of that joke/pun/thing. Cause the girl who was announcing didn't just say it normally...she went “and the WINNER will be crowned...-pause for dramatic effect- LION...KIIIING!” And the crowd loved it. They went wild and tumbled over with laughter. A particularly funny uncle was standing on a chair behind me laughed so hard that he fell down from the chair. :x And NOBODY went to help him. I didn't, cause someone was blocking me(:0 (excuse)

During the performance, there was this Indian man to my far right, and he was really, really annoying. Why? Because every SINGLE trick the group did...he'd go “WOO! YEAH! (claps)”

But that wasn't all. He kept making all these LEWD, OHOHOHO-I-AM-SO-FUNNY JOKES. For example, since the performance is based on a male lion trying to win the affection of a female lion. In the middle of this really dramatic pause...he shouts at the top of his lungs “WOOT! GO GET HIM TIGER. RAWR! -insert boisterous laugh here-” o.m.g. And the worst joke ever, “He might be a lion but he's hung like a STALLION!!-winkwink-”

eYea. :|

And that wasn't the end to all the annoying people there. This uncle, a picture below taken with my uber ninja skillz, was creepily nosey. He kept looking at my phone while I was texting. :| So I got annoyed, and typed “-_-'' there's a nosey person looking at what I'm typing.” -insert confused look directed at me- “Yes, you uncle.” I don't think he got the point though ):

Here be annoying uncle.
Okay, so the photo isn't great. But I had to be ninja okay? Geez.

I went shopping alone, but found out I forgot to bring my purse out. Smart Karman, smart. But then, I came up with the ingenious idea of taking pictures of the clothes I wanted to buy. Cause I brought my camera along with me. I know I know, I brought my camera but not my purse. I'm totally smart like that.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Didn't get much shopping done after that cause I had to meet up with my mum at Baker's Inn. The food there...is...good. Orgasmic.

...Did I just describe food as orgasmic? I need to see my shrink.

Now you see cake.

Now you don't.

Food glorious food.


Here's my cousin when he just woke up from his nap, cute no?

Here he is again with his blankie. Which he stole from my mum.

After that we went shopping to get him (my cousin) some new clothes. And he got really shy in front of all the aunties at the shop, and he didn't want to change in front of them. HAHA. So we had to do this:

Protection against the stares of paedophiles.

Okay, this entry is getting too long. So I'll stop it here.

Buh byes,
♥ K a y


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