Hello from Hong Kong~!

I'm with my brother right now. At the library 'cause we are cool like that.

No. Really.

Not much to blog about really, other than the fact that my dear brother has been giving me 'sound advice' regarding how to seduce Rich Hong Kong Kids. HAHAHAHAHAH He was like, 'you gotta give a little, but take a lot' and all serious and stuff.

But anyway, I feel so young here. It's pretty awesome. Someone mistook me for a 15/16 year old yesterday. I was happy. But then again she was rly shocked when I told her I was going to university soon. Maybe that means I look dumb ._.

Let's not even go there.


20 more days! Approx. And my facebook is already getting flooded with Fresher Week invites. Anyone wanna come with me? :D

*k a y


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